The Top Hairstyles For Women

The pixie cut

The pixie cut is a short, cropped cut that gives women a modern look and opens up the face. Ranging from short tufts of hair that can be transformed into spikes with the right amount of gel or hairspray, to longer, finer wisps that can be arranged as a soft, forehead-skimming fringe, the pixie can be styled to look both trendy and sophisticated. Moreover, women don’t have to worry about gaining a masculine look, since the pixie cut actually highlights many features of the face, such as cheekbones, eyes, and even the nape.

Although many fashion-forward women covet this cut, the pixie is most effortlessly suited for women with round faces and soft facial structures. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done on women with strong, striking features—a pixie can still be pulled off despite deep set eyes, big lips and a strong jaw line, provided that the cut is much longer than usual and is styled in a way that is more feminine and dainty.

The layered cut

Perhaps the most versatile cut for women out there, layers can do wonders for women aiming to change their look every now and then without having to snip off hair often. The layered cut can be done on shoulder-length hair, although most women would prefer to don this style when their locks have grown past the bra-line. Layers provide the convenience of a typical wash and wear style, but if you’re adventurous and fashionable and have the time to spare every morning, you have several other options to switch it up.

Layers can be curled loosely to achieve an ultra-feminine look for a romantic dinner. For sports and outdoor activities, one can opt to create a high and tight ponytail or braid it into a fishtail. For a fun, flirty night out with your girlfriends, you may also just simply spray some volumizing mousse and curl the ends inward, to achieve a straight, sleek and bouncy look. The possibilities are endless, which makes the layered cut one of if not the most common choice for long-haired ladies.

The bob cut

Bobs are another popular cut for women, although this is suited for those who wish to wear their hair shorter than layers. This mid-length wonder can take you from a morning at the office to a party later that night without so much effort put into styling. Cut straight around the head and usually above the shoulders, the bob is a timeless cut which, despite its limited styling options, conveys a sense of classy, sophisticated flair.

When transforming hair into a bob, girls also have the option to get full bangs, or a side fringe that frames their eyes perfectly. Because of its structure, the bob cut is fairly low maintenance, and only needs a few minutes of blow drying and minimal product for girls on the go.

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