Could your diet be causing you problems?

1. Addiction symptoms

Yes, there is such a thing as wheat addiction. Have you ever wondered why you find it difficult to stop eating wheat-based products such as bread, cakes, biscuits, and cereals? It is not merely because they are deliciously prepared. Rather, it is more because the food you eat contains substances that cause a number of addictive symptoms. This is because gluten found in strains of genetically modified wheat contains a number of exorphins, creating “satisfaction signals” every single time you consume such products.

Wheat has an effect that’s comparable to taking opiates. In one study, a group of people were given naloxone, a popular opiate blocker, were found to consume less food than those who weren’t. Another study has shown that regular wheat eaters have experienced withdrawal symptoms when they stopped eating wheat-based products. To top it all off, a study has found a correlation between wheat consumption and the development of schizophrenic symptoms.

2. Altered insulin balance

Insulin is one of the most important hormones in the body. Produced by the pancreas, it is responsible for dealing with excess sugar in the blood. When this hormone is active, it brings down blood sugar and uses the excess glucose to deposit fat into the body. In addition to this, production of too much insulin actually causes hypoglycemia, which causes irregular energy levels and food cravings. Ultimately, it can lead to life-threatening diseases such as type II diabetes and pancreatic damage.

Altered insulin balance is directly related to the consumption of wheat. This is because wheat contains a high amount of carbohydrates. What’s more, wheat also has a high glycemic index, meaning the consumption of such foods can cause a sudden rise in blood sugar. Due to the combination of these 2 factors wheat is considered as a major factor in causing irregularities in insulin production.

These 6 are the ailments one can potentially have if they’ll continue with their consumption of wheat. It is time to break this vicious cycle of fatness, cravings, and disease. It is time to go for a wheat-free diet. The next chapter will discuss the different benefits of going for such a diet.

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